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Overlea Fullerton Business & Professional Association

Marty has been a great asset to the Overlea Fullerton Business and Professional Association. When we regrouped several years ago, adding a website was our first priority and ACE was our first choice. Marty is extremely reasonable and our site is updated the same day we submit any additions or corrections. Marty has been great in assisting us in adding pages like an events calendar, remind me access and a photo gallery. He is always able to incorporate our ideas and suggestions. I highly recommend Marty if you are looking for a website. It will truly be a huge asset to your business or organization.

Donna Bethke, OFBPA President

I got this e-mail from Donna Bethke the President of the OFBPA and would like to share it with you.

Spoke to someone from Baltimore County Workforce Development today and they are interested in partnering with us — are sending application for approval to join and will be attending the networking event on Wed.

When I spoke to Denise I wanted to send her the app—said she had it; wanted to send her the form, she had it. Bottom line is as a result of our networking event

In which they were very interested, they "check us out" via our website and I mean this lady: "checked us out" and LIKED WHAT THEY SAW. She said they research very thoroughly before making a decision to get involved. She went back to her boss with feedback and they are putting in a request for the funds to join.

She said they need to justify and explain why they want to do something, join or participate. I asked her if I could answer any questions or did she need more FYI... said she got all she needed from our website and it gave her enough FYI to go to her boss—application was submitted for approval!!

SO THANKS MARTY for keeping our website up to date for us—it certainly paid off today!!

So considered yourselves "checked out thoroughly"


Just thought I would pass it on! Lord knows it will slip my mind if I wait until the meeting next week!

Donna Bethke
Overlea Fullerton Business & Professional Assoc.


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