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Beijing Acupuncture Chinese Herbology & Magnet Center

Dr. Yu Chen, Licensed Acupuncturist in Baltimore, Maryland

Dr. Yu Chen graduated from Capital Medical School with M.D. degree in 1965 in Beijing, China.  She also graduated from Traditional Chinese Medical School with doctoral degree in her homeland.  She obtained medical research training in China, Sweden, and the United States.  Since 1989, she has practiced Chinese medicine in the U.S.A.  At present, she is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Maryland.

Dr. Chen has more than 45 years of experience in practicing medicine.  She created ear magnet therapy to save Diabetes patient's legs and eyes.  She treated Panic Attacks for the movie star Mr. Yaphet Kotto when he was in Baltimore for filming the show Homicide.  The Baltimore Sun published an illustrated feature article about her work.  She has been on the Baltimore TV show many times.

In 2008, Dr. Chen published a book, The Voice of Medicine; An Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine.  This book is intended for both professionals and the general public.  There are many simple self-care methods created by Dr. Chen which are discussed in this book.



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