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What goes into designing your new website!

We will layout the steps involved in making your website from start to finish. We believe a website should be easy to navigate, be sensible and look good. A nice looking website that is easy on the eyes will keep customers on your website longer and that is good. After all you're building the website for your business but you want your customers and potential customers to understand what it is you're selling and the more time they spend on your website the better it is for you. You would also like to have them come back and if they had a good experience they will.

Ace offers the most affordable hosting package for your business. In the hosting package you will receive a domain name, a great looking website and support to help you keep your website up and running and more.

Web servers do go down from time to time, we are happy to say we have a good record of 99.9% up time. Keeping your website online and available 365 days a year.

Let us put your business on the Internet and have it working for you 24 hours a day.


How do we go about designing a website for you?

1. We need to know what your final objective is -- information -- sales etc.

2. We will design your website and add in any wording -- pictures -- forms and whatever else you feel will help to make your website a success. (You will have to provide content, pictures and info for forms).

3. The design of the website is critical and it must be easy for your customers to find their way around (a very important aspect). If it is a maze (which many sites are) the customers won't bother to stay on your site and will move somewhere else. The best designs are often the most simple.

4. The website must be attractive and easy on the eyes while getting the message across to your clients.

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